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By Sandy Goldman

The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon

The Alphabet and the Bar of Soap


Altho it never applied to girls because they never used them, when I was a young boy there were certain words that were not allowed on the playground.  To do so was to invite an immediate appointment with a bar of soap sternly administered by the reigning adult.  S__T was one of those words. When I grew older and graduated from the playground to the park where, with little supervision, we would use the F_ word.  In college the forbidden word (or at least the thought) was S_X.  Later T_X was not be spoken of—income, real estate or any other.

And now there are new forbidden words and/or thoughts: the T.I.F. word for instance.  For the uninitiated that means Tax Increment Financing.  It has become the new naughty word, not to be spoken at least in Rogers Park. So what is wrong with the T.I.F. word? Some say it leads to gentrification  ((known as the G word).  Is that so bad?  Well, some say it has a negative influence on diversity (the D word). But no one wants to talk about blight (the B word).

If the T.I.F.  word trumps the D word and the results are good, is that so bad? If T.I.F. and G equals Q (quality retail, restaurants and business) is that so bad?

It seems that the direction taken by the tired old radical philosophers of the 60’s, or their present proponents (T.O.R/60) - is the preservation of the tired old sophomoric philosophies of socialistic manipulation (S.M.) They seem to fear improvement (the I-word) except in terms of T.O.R/60; chain stores (C.S) are bad, upscale restaurants (U.R.) are bad. Let them be no more successful than past social tinkers (Social Science 101).

History and neighborhoods are replete with examples of market forces (M.F) taking precedence over socialistic thought (S.T). It is simple Economics 101.

So if M.F trumps S.M what the F is so bad?

T.I.F.-M.F—G—Q!  Watch out! The S.M.s will surely be coming after me with a bar of soap !!!  


...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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