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“Where Have You Been?”


A Response


Not In Jail!


A recent bout with prostate cancer and the subsequent radiation and hormone treatment literally and figuratively sapped the “piss and vinegar” out of this curmudgeon. But now all is well and I feel the old vituperative fluids flowing through my veins.


But first a diversion.  On June 22nd, the Rogers Park Community Council celebrated its 50th Anniversary.  It was held in the ballroom of Temple Emanuel.  A gala affair indeed, full orchestra, open bar, gourmet buffet.  They inducted three new admirals into the Rogers Park Navy.  Burt Reif, Cesar Izquierdo, and Jennifer Jeffris joined previous Admirals including Jim Brockhagen, Fred Wolf, Jim Barry, Charlotte Goldberg, Dolores Collins and yours truly, Sandy Goldman. 


Carol and I have been associated with the Council for 32 of those 50 years.  I was the president for two years and a member of the board for 28 years. Carol was a volunteer, an employee for more than 30 years, a member of the board, 1st Vice President - talk about a jack-of-all-trades.  On that Saturday evening as part of a well kept secret, they noted Carol’s many contributions and selected her as one of the honorees.  Earlier in the week they posted two anniversary banners in front of our home.  One says “Carol J. Goldman - Thanks for the memories”. 


At the anniversary party there was a wonderful display of archival memorabilia collated and catalogued by Nancy Strand and Mary Wiedrich.  There was also a gathering of people of the present and people of the past. I hope it augers well for the future!  There was a friendly gathering of people of opposing views and as far as I could tell there was no explosion. 


Carol was flattered and pleased (and so was I) to receive the well-deserved recognition.


OK Enough of this nice guy stuff.  Let’s get into it. Click here to read the report of Joe Moore’s latest meeting on the Mega Mall and Fire Station II.

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