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By Sandy Goldman

The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon

 The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number Part II

Hark! Hark! The Pickets

Several sources have informed me that the fire station opponents plan to picket at City Hall and the Mayor's Office on Tuesday, February 20 - I do not know what time it is planned.  This means lots of noise and lots of media attention.  Feel free to e-mail or fax my columns to any media friends so that they are aware of a position contrary to that of the pickets.

It is imperative that all city officials know that many people in Rogers Park have a very different opinion about the need for, and the best site for, the new fire station.

Although the decision ultimately lies with Alderman Joe Moore, calls to the Mayor’s Office will help. Call at 311 and ask to make a citizens’ comment, post an e-mail to MayorDaley@CityofChicago.org or click on the Mayor’s page of www.cityofchicago.org and use the Write-to-the Mayor option. Alderman Moore’s e-mail is aldmoore@aol.com

Time is short but e-mail is quick!

Let's keep the ripple effect going!!! 

 ...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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