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By Sandy Goldman

The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon


Six Years and Counting

In the year 2003 I will begin my sixth year as author of this Internet opinion column “…And That’s My Opinion”. It all began when I was summarily dismissed from the original Rogers Park 2000 newspaper where I was the founding editor and opinion columnist. It was accomplished in a Machiavellian, malevolent maneuver by a group of political and organizational milquetoasts who were fearful of any strong opinions on the issues and personalities of the time/day/year. They preferred a safe, vanilla approach.


It is now clear that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me. In a strange twist I have become grateful. Because now, you see, I write ten to fifteen subjective opinion columns a year on any subject I choose, without the threat of censorship, rather than only four times a year with each issue of RP 2000. I receive e-mail comments from all corners of the country including many former residents of Rogers Park. Today, my reader database is very extensive.  There are opponents and proponents.  Often their status changes depending on the issue.  This is very gratifying.


I was moved to this musing of memory by the self-description of Clarence Page on page 11 in the Perspective Section of the Sunday, December 29, 2002 edition of the Chicago Tribune. (Relating my memories is something that seems to vex some of my critics.   Perhaps they are so busy with their adversarial conduct and activities that they are forgetting to stop a moment to collect and value their own memories—more’s the pity! Oh! I can hear their swords rattling already.)  But I digress.


Clarence Page says critics “…chastise me for not being objective”…. “Now hear this: I write opinion.”  Further along, he says that his columns are, “what he really thinks.”  Then he adds, “And I don’t expect you necessarily to agree, or even to ever agree. I am here not to tell you what to think, just to offer some things for you to think about.”


That folks, is and has been my mantra for these six years. It was extremely satisfying to hear it expressed so succinctly by someone as noteworthy and prestigious as Clarence Page.


You see folks—I also write opinion—Mine!


…And to all a Happy New Year and much success in all your endeavors in the coming year.


...And that's my opinion

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