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My Rogers Park Gift List


I’m making a list and checking it twice,

Gonna find out who’s naughty and nice,

Who’s made of sugar and who’s made of spice?

And who’s made of snakes & bats & troublesome mice,

And so to the stockings all hung with great care,

Knowing that soon I will be there,

Bippity, boppity, boo,

Here I come, with gifts for you….


… A gift certificate for Alderman Joe Moore (49) to any Walmart in the Chicago area to be followed by an evening meal, to include foie gras, at Bistro Campagne on Lincoln Ave.

… A full free year of the services of ADT Security to landlord Jay Johnson for his senior citizen building at 1528 West Morse since he says he can’t afford to supply security for that building of semi-elderly folks.  Move over, Scrooge!

…A dinner a trois, for Kimberly Bares, Cary Steinbuck, and Craig Gernhardt at the Heartland Café; Katy Hogan to serve.

…A copy of Saul Alinsky’s ”Rules for Radicals” to lawyer Tom Westgard so that he can learn how it should be done.

…To Avi Meyer and Sonny Hirsch, whose North Town Community News T.V show is arguably one of the best, I would give a new backdrop and perhaps a desk and some upholstered chairs.

…All the folks on the Alderman’s Zoning and Advisory Committee my notes from the following meetings: Gale Community Center, the Morse Streetscape, the new Fire Station, the Leone Jr. Guard Program, the marina project, the Adelphi plans and the Coe buildings. Where else do we go?

…The Harbrace College Handbook (of English usage) to blogger Jeff-O.

… A magic wand to Toni Duncan and Gary F, wave it and make change happen, or maybe a pair of red slippers to supplement their hard work.

… For Hugh Devlin; a little hideaway in the 49th Ward together with a street map to ward off the carpetbagger accusations.

…To Michael K; an evening with Tom Westgard reading “Rules for Radicals”.

… Connie Abels; more inclusion in the Morse streetscape or at least some wastebaskets.

…To the West Ridge Rogers Park Historical Society an official major league baseball autographed by Moose Skowron not Moose Skowren as indicated on page 7 of the recent Historian publication.

…A really prosperous Rogers Park Art Fair vis-à-vis - The Old Town Art Fair for Al Goldberg.

…Several thousand more registered voters for Committeeman Fagus so that the 49th Ward can have a voice downtown.

…A banner for all the SSAs that says “Silly, Stupid Agencies” or some other “A” word .

…The complete unabridged works of Frederick Law Olmsted and a copy of “The Devil in the White City “, to Don Gordon.

…An expensive and sturdy pair of running shoes (!) for Michael Harrington.

…Coal in the stocking of the Chicago Park District for deceit, duplicity and even more coal, brimstone and ash, for the rape of Leone Jr. Guard program. The same for Loyola University which, much too late, claimed no interest in the Marina, as did the representative of Congresswoman Schakowsky.

…A golden crown to Rep. Harry Osterman for his eloquent speech about lakefront preservation at the meeting at Loyola Fieldhouse.

…Some free advice to all the bloggers in Rogers Park: take a deep breath and say, “I think; therefore I am”.

…Good luck to the new Irish bar Poitin Stil (pooh-cheen stil) at Jarvis Square. May the wind be always at your back.  Looking forward with hope and anticipation for the pizza place, the deli and more.


…A Metra pass to the CTA  Tattler - Kevin O’Neil, so that he can compare transportation services.


…An in-depth analysis of the Hegelian Dialectic  - (thesis, antithesis, synthesis) and what it portends for the future of renters, to Fran Tobin.


…To former 49th Ward Alderman and current Cook County Clerk David Orr, the 6-volume audiotape of  “The Shadow”.  Older readers will recall that the main character had the power to “cloud men’s minds”, and thus make himself invisible but still involved.

A very warm welcome to Brock Doffin, the newly-born son of Greg and Dana (Nate) Doffin.  This is your century.

…To all the gentrification advocates, a DVD of Edgewater, Uptown, Lincoln Park and Evanston.

…To all the gentrification opponents, a DVD of Edgewater, Uptown, Lincoln Park and Evanston.

… To those espousing neither position (status quo) a DVD of Rogers Park.

…To 24th Police District Commander Bruce Rottner, from an old friend, more Blue Lights to make his job easier.  I don’t mean the ones at Target…


…This thought to Brian White, Cathy Vates and Keith Lord and the board of directors of the new Lakeside Community Development Corporation… Remember that the mighty oak, was once only an acorn… Go and grow!


…To all my good friends…these final words…the opposite of revitalization is stagnation.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Wonderful Winter Solstice, Kool Kwanza and anything else which applies! Or is that not politically correct?

...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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