October 31, 1998

...And That's My Opinion

The Tortoise and the Hare...

Let's Play "What If...?"

By the Rogers Park Curmudgeon (see July 1, 1998 Column)


What if... the Hare hadn't stopped?

(Hint: The Tortoise would not have won.)

What if...Homer Johnson had beaten David Orr in the aldermanic election of 1979?

What if...Bob Clark had beaten Joe Moore ---years later?

What if...St. Jerome Church had not funded the Howard Area Community Center?

What if...Paulina Street had never been voted dry?

What if...the original Rogers Park Community Council had not sent bags of beach sand to the original Mayor Daley, thus preventing development on the Lakefront?

What if...Rev. Bob Tschannen-Moran had not established his church on Paulina?

What if...KFC had never opened?

What if...the community had acted on the recommendations of the Melaniphy and Associates for Howard Street or accepted the Rubloff Company's development plan for the same area in 1986?

What if...the concept of Multiplex Theaters had been raised before the Granada Theatre was razed?

What if...condominiums had been around before the nursing homes came around? What would Sheridan Road look like?

What if...Dutch Elm disease had not decimated the trees of Rogers Park in the 1960's?

What if ...Ashkenaz Deli, Seena's Dress Shop and Morry's Men's Wear had stayed open on Morse Avenue?

What if...Loyola University had never begun expansion?

What if ...St. Jerome and St. Ignatius had not closed their schools?

What if...Temple Mitzpah, the Jewish Community Center and the Council for Jewish Elderly had kept their facilities open in Rogers Park?

What if...Peoples Housing had managed their buildings in a professional manner?

What if...Alderman Stone's wall in West Roger Park had been permanent? 

What if...Allied North Side Community Organizations (ANSCO), led by the original Rogers Park Community Council, had not succeeded in preventing builders from developing the site that today is Warren Park.

What if...St. Margaret Mary had joined the coalition of Catholic Schools?

What if...the road configuration at Sheridan, Broadway and Devon had never been changed?

What if...the CHA Senior Center at the same location had never been built?

What if...none of the Kennedys had been assassinated, or what if Johnson took us out of Viet Nam, the '68 convention was different and there were no hippies; what would Rogers Park be like?

What if...decades ago, despite expert testimony to the contrary and the intervention of the original Rogers Park Community Council, a federal judge had not declared Census Tract 101 (North) as a revitalizing area, opening the area for continued poverty funding and subsidized housing; thus insuring that it became what it is today.

What if... "The political whiz kids" people from the 1980's Network 49 (the political arm of IVI/IPO) had not moved away from Rogers Park.

What if... I had never been forced to resign from the new RPCC's Board of Directors, and as columnist and Editor of Rogers Park 2000?

What if.... Amoco had stayed put at the controversial bend at Sheridan Road near Loyola University. or better yet sold to a private developer instead of becoming involved with the politicians of the 49th Ward - past and present?

What if... the 24th District Advisory Committee re-examined their mission and was more concerned about crime prevention than about their organizational preservation.

What if...the new (current) Rogers Park Community Council studied the position of the original Rogers Park Community Council vis a vis the ownership and concentration of institutional use and development in Rogers park

And finally,

What if... among the 260 people the police apprehended North of Howard in a recent "zero tolerance- immediate action" sweep they had caught the imbecile who rips out pickets from my fence on a daily basis, or the person who stole my rubber plant from my back yard and destroyed a sprinkler system...(statistics are great but it's quality of life that counts!!!)

What if... the Hare had not stopped!!

What would have been different?


...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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