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In the euphoria of the success of the world champion Chicago White Sox I am reminded of a story about the 1919 Chicago Black Sox and “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. Shoeless was a Chicago hero who was banned from baseball in 1921 for his alleged involvement in the betting/gambling scandal even though he was acquitted of any wrongdoing.


There is a popular story that as he left the courthouse a young lad, tears in his eyes, confronted “Shoeless” and said the famous words: “Say it ain’t, so, Joe.” Joe was quoted as replying: “It’s so kid; it’s so.” Altho the incident has been denied, it lives on in sports history.


Now fast forward to October 2005 and here stands a Rogers Park citizen with tears of dismay, disbelief and betrayal — uttering the same words. ”Say it ain’t so, Joe!”


Now I’m not talking about baseball or fixing the outcome of the game (I’m not ready to make that accusation yet). I’m talking about the reporting in the News Star on October 26,2005 by Angela Caputo and the quote from Alderman Joe Moore (49)”….not putting too much stock in blind referendum results as a gauge of a popular opinion…..I certainly know (residents) did not want this harbor,” Moore said, “There’s nothing wrong with looking at what possibilities people might want in the future.”


…Blind referendum…possibilities in the future…boat harbor or slips






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