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By Sandy Goldman

The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon

Cupidity and Stupidity


“I see that your Alderman committed a huge faux pas,” said my suburban friend.


“Oh,” I said, “ You mean that stupid foie gras ordinance which made us the laughing stock of the entire world.”


“Not that one,” my friend responded.


“Then you must mean the ill-advised big box store ordinance which was intended to keep WalMart stores out of Chicago by wage and benefits-fixing, even though there are no WalMarts in the 49th Ward nor will there ever be, given the acreage required.”


“No, not that one either,” he said. “I was reading in several Rogers Park blogs that Alderman Joe Moore (49th) mailed a slick multi-page, multi-colored campaign piece which included a picture of a citizens group—the Morse Avenue Clean Team—which, by its inclusion, made it look as if he had organized the group and that they support him for reelection.”


“Oh yes. It took an eagle-eyed, totally aware citizen at: 24/7 North of Howard Watchers to detect this inaccuracy.  Ironically, one of the people in the picture was Craig Gernhardt, the author of “The ‘Broken Heart’ of Rogers Park” blog, and one of Joe Moore’s most vocal critics.” 


“It seems,” said my friend, “that this Joe Moore (49th) thinks that he can do and spin anything, anytime he wants, regardless of the facts. He is continually blowing smoke and expects the voters to believe.  He really thinks that the people of this ward are stupid, lacking political and intellectual wherewithal or political acumen.  You should probably add gullible to that list.  As I see it, he seems to be running around taking credit for everything and anything.  I fully expect him to attempt to claim credit for the creation of the world someday.” He grinned broadly.


“Well,” I said. “That is probably an exaggeration. I think that he claims to have created a new 49th Ward.  I might add single handedly”.


“New, my eye!” my friend continued, “Since I left Rogers Park just before the last election, I haven’t seen many positive changes on my visits.  The Gateway Shopping Center MAY be an exception, but school is still out on that one”.


“What do you mean?” I asked.


“Morse Avenue is no better nor is Howard Street.  Economic development still resembles a rotting fruit salad.  Residential development is like shrimp scampi—good at first taste, but odiferous and messy.”  (Can you tell that my friend is a chef?)  “But the most serious infraction of public trust is his propensity to attempt to fool the people of the ward. He seems to believe they are, for the most part, not politically active or attuned to politics and its intrigues. Joe Moore thinks and trusts that they don’t have the time, political savvy nor the experience to decode political fact from fiction.”


“But keep in mind he is running in the election of his life,” I said,” There are three exceptionally qualified candidates, any one of whom could, and would do a better job.”


“Yes that is true, “ he responded. “Credibility, which the incumbent is lacking, must and should count. Moore has little.”


“O.K,” I said, “It’s always nice talking to you. Let’s do it again”


“Bye,” he said. As he left he added, “Remember to keep that eagle-eye open and beware of Joe’s sharp stick”.

...And that's my opinion.

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