...And That's My OpinionŠ

By Sandy Goldman

The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon (RPCC)


ˇ         Sometime in June, Forum 49 inaugurated a community chat room/web site for neighborhood discussion. It is very exceptional, professional and well organized. I can't wait for the local political campaigns to begin. Check it out at http://www.forum49.org/ (do it when you are done here!!)

The last word from Alderman Moore (49th) was that the Park District has assured him that there were no such plans and that they would notify him of any future plans, which might include renovation. Others involved are Senator Carol Ronen and State Rep. Harry Osterman who attended the program.

The president of the Sam Leone Alumni Assoc. is Pat Colleran (e-mail: pat_colleran@msn.com). He welcomes all help.

Click here to download Ald. Moore's reassuring letter to Carol Goldman.

Watch how everybody blames everybody else for the slow response of the police. Alderman Moore (49th) together with representatives from the above-mentioned DAC, the new RPCC and Comdr. Boggs (24th) indicate "that upon review of the tapes" the fault lies with the response time from the dispatcher at the new $300 million 911 system. Yeah-right!! We used to hear the same music when it was only a $90 million facility at some other location. Is it pin the tail on the donkey or a game of musical chairs?

Jeannie Stiles' dreams may be accessed at www.forum49.org/. Do I see a candidacy??

By the way to Jeanne and all the others who agree with her, if you would like to see when such things WERE in R.P pick up a l960 or l970 yellow pages telephone book. Those types of business and many more were here before a lot of social engineering took place and before the administration of the past and present Progressive Democratic 49th Ward leadership.

He is not, he says, a commercial real estate broker, but that he has attempted to bring business people and store owners to R.P throughout his nine years in office.

I encourage all readers to read this offering and make up your own minds. It can be accessed at www.forum49.org/ and then to the Over The Back Fence link.

...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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