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By Sandy Goldman

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The Olympics 2016

In a few weeks the city of Chicago will learn if it has won the Olympic 2016 sweepstakes.

I sure hope that Chicago is the successful bidder!!

This essay does not purport to be a report of the pros and cons. These issues are available at their respective websites.

I want to report the impressions I received at the meeting in the 49th Ward at the Rogers Park Library on Clark Street a few weeks ago. By my estimate there were about 150 people in attendance. The “Antis” came with what appeared to be their stock objections.  It seems they have been to all the meetings judging by the calm quickness of the answers from the committee who, by the way, really knew their stuff.

In regards to the meeting facilitators, I have never been more proud of civic members. Pat Ryan, Chief Executive Officer, who was not at the meeting, but whose hand was apparent, is truly an organizing genius with muscle and persuasion.  Lori Healey, Chicago 2016 president, who was in attendance and chaired the meeting, is smooth, confident and aware. So were all the other speakers. In fact confidence, sophistication, and friendliness were apparent from the main speakers to the young ladies who handed out literature at the entrance desk.

I am in favor of the 2016 Olympics because, in my opinion, the games will bring jobs to  carpenters and  construction workers (before and after); actors and artists; waiters, cooks and bartenders; a plus for taxi drivers and tour guides; hotels, restaurants and museums; new tax revenues; permanent housing facilities to be retrofitted for Chicago’s population; urban revitalization; new transit  projects; financial trickle- down during and after the games and most of all an assemblage of the world’s greatest  athletes and international personalities right here on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan.

For well over 25 years Carol and I have traveled the world…Europe, Asia, South America,  Africa, Central and North America.  Everywhere we have observed the reputation of Chicago morph from the fake rat-a-tat-tat of Al Capone’s submachine gun to the smooth flow of a make believe basketball from the hands of Michael Jordan to the admiration, awe and respect of Richard Daley and Barrack Obama and the prospect of the 2016 Olympic Games.  Believe it or not, except for the competing countries, most of the world is in Chicago’s corner.

We have been proud to take the message of a new Chicago (even with all its warts) to citizens of the world with whom we come in contact. We would be even more proud to add a successful 2016 Olympic venue.

Let that BE Chicago’s mantra: Al Capone---Michael Jordan ---Richard   Daley---Barrack Obama---2016 Olympic games.

Seven years from now. That will be wonderful. I hope that I’m around to see it and witness the incomparable spirit of Chicago at work.

I might even wear a Chicago logo sweatshirt.

...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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