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Police, Pulchritude, and Perfect Performance


Carol and I are regular viewers of the cops/detective shows on T.V.  We never miss watching or taping all the CSI adventures and The Mentalist and Castle.  We are always glad when the good guys win and the bad guys get what is coming to them...


A few weeks ago, we listened and watched, via our police scanner and outside our window - a real live police “show”.   I am glad to report that the good guys won and that the bad guys lost.


There were at least 10-12 police cars circling around our generally quiet area around Touhy and Ashland Blvd and along Estes and Chase and Greenview. They were chasing three men on foot. We do not know what started it but I will tell you this: the Police were in complete control as they circled the streets, the alleys and the porches. They were in constant radio communications with each other and the police operator at HQ.  They covered the area from Estes to Howard and from Ashland to Greenview. Finally, they caught all three of them and went on to the station and who knows what. But what I do know is that I was proud of the men and women of the 24th  Police District - a job well done - Thanks.



Well, now they have gone and done it.


The rotten, commie, pinkos at D.C comics has modernized Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman began publishing in1941.  I was 9 years old. I have been a fan through my puberty, adolescence and, when Lynda Carter came along, through adulthood. Her only rival was Xenia - Warrior Princess. That is a different story.


Not only have they changed her uniform but also they have changed her whole story (see N.Y Times. June 29, 2010).  Now she no longer wears a sexy red bustier with a gold eagle covering her ample bosom and blue spotted hot pants with thigh high hip boots (Oh Lordy).  Her new look “with an understated W insignia and a midnight blue jacket and a flinty fusion of black tights and boots – is darker than the famed swimsuit style, and aims to be contemporary, functional--------and less costume-y”.




Give me back my Wonder Woman.




Saturday I had a date. No, not with Wonder Woman, at least not with that Wonder Women. Saturday I had a date with my wife. We went to The Mayne Stage to see Ron Hawking. The performance was outstanding! He did it all, from Burt Bacharach to Splish-Splash (Bobby Darin’s famous tune).  We’ve seen Ron before but this time was different.   His female back-up singers joined him in creating some originals which displayed their individual talents with exceptional musical harmonies. However, he did many the old favorites including The Rat Pack at Los Vegas...


First about the venue and the Act One Café. The Act One Café is open Sunday,Tues to  Thurs 5PM -10PM; Friday-Saturday 5PM-11PM: closed Monday. (1330 W. Morse).The room is wood paneled, tabled and booths and a long inviting bar.  The staff is efficient and knowledgable. The main entrees range from $12.00, to $18.00, appetizers & sides from $7.00 to $8.50 and salads from $5.00 to $8.00. There is an extensive selection of both imported and domestic beers, bottles and tap, and cocktails of choice. Wine is available in all varieties of colors, local and imported, by the bottle or the glass.


We sat by the windows and watched people stroll by; there was not a menacing look nor threatening stance in sight.


Carol had fish and chips,  “Boilermaker”  battered haddock served with house-made tartar sauce and spicy malt vinegar. I had Seafood “Boo-Yah”, a bouillabaisse of scallops, shrimp, and calamari in a spicy saffron-tomato broth, served with bakery baguette.  I highly recommend this entrée.  Our cocktails were a healthy pour at $8.50 for Absolute on the rocks.


However, the star was the Mayne Stage, a 299-seat multi-purpose entertainment venue. The motif is bistro style –cocktail tables and chairs surrounded by a mezzanine on two sides and then a full balcony  and a large bar in the rear. The service is more than pleasant and recognizably experienced.  There is not a bad seat in the house.


Ron Hawking sang and joked for 90 minuets without intermission.  He did his repertoire of the great male singers: Lou Rawls, Bobby Darin, Ray Charles, Frankie Vail, Sammy Davis, Jr., King Cole, Dean Martin and of course Frank Sinatra.  In addition, impressions of Johnny Carson, Dick Clark and Dick Biondi were right on target. However, none of it diminished his original scores, which he performed with exceptional skill accompanied by two female vocalists whose names I did not record. I was also remiss in not recorded the names of the outstanding musicians who backed him.


The audience contained many grey-haired seniors who cheered and clapped as the show unfolded, including yours truly.  From the box office to the bus boys, it was an exceptional experience.


There is valet parking for $5.


If you missed it, you missed out.


Check them out at:

www.actonecafe.com  for the menu of food, etc.

www.maynestage.com for the menu of future entertainment


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