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The Way It Was:

Howard Street, Morse Avenue, Clark Street and Other Once Vibrant Areas


Sponsoring Ads from the Field School Messenger (Annual Newspaper) circa 1970


How many of you can remember? Can it ever be again?

What happened…?

Economics? Politics? Ineffective Leadership? Population change? Bad landlords? Social Service Agencies? Poor tenant selection?  Drug dealers? Badly maintained buildings?  Lack of concern?  Ineffective, bloated community organizations? Empty stores? Unkept alleys & streets? Sorry looking business sections?  Crime? Gangs? Absentee owners?

Each of these is a story in itself.  Maybe I’ll do it - someday – when Rogers Park has completed its renewal!  (And it IS beginning!)  Think Uptown, Andersonville, Edgewater, Halsted, Bryn Mawr, Clyborne Corridor and on and on…

It’s long, but it’s fun reading


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