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By Sandy Goldman

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The Privilege of Voting in Illinois    


For generations citizens have died to protect the sanctity of our Constitution and to protect our right to vote.  Illinois is not a third world country whose citizens are required to vote as their leaders determine.  This is characteristic of countries like Iran and the former Soviet Union. 


Many voted for Scott Lee Cohen for Lt. Governor of Illinois in the Democratic primary recently and he won! Now the Democratic combine has negated those 212,900 votes.  I wish that Scott Lee Cohen had waited before resigning, in order to gauge the true level of his support from Illinois’ voters.


Just who do Governor Pat Quinn, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, Speaker of the House Mike Madigan, Senator Dick Durbin, Congressperson Jan Schakowsky and the rest of the gang think gave them the right to essentially reverse the Democratic Primary results?  Only Mayor Richard Daley supported and respected the will of the voters.


Each of these manipulators should look deep into their own souls.  I am reminded of two famous quotations with which I grew up:  “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.   


This may well turn out to be the year of the Republicans in Illinois and the Democratic “leaders” have no one to blame but themselves. To protect their own “electibility” they have lost all credibility. 


Addendum for out-of-state readers:


Although Scott Lee Cohen, prior to the election, advised several media personnel and democratic leaders of his past problems, they all ignored the information because they thought he had no chance to win!  Who would vote for a millionaire Pawnbroker?


His self admitted revelations included: 

· An unsupported abuse charge by a former live-in girlfriend, who was later jailed as a prostitute.

· A messy husband/wife relationship, culminating in a bitter divorce.

· Claims of unpaid child support.

· Unpaid federal taxes.

Steroid and other drug abuse.


All that behavior took place approximately 5 years ago.


Still Scott Lee Cohen garnered over 212,900 votes.  The Democrat leadership and the media have pressured him, relentlessly, publicly and privately, to resign his elected position as candidate for Lt. Governor of Illinois. 


Yesterday, he did.


..so much for the privilege of voting!

Too bad…That’s sad!


...And that's my opinion.

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