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By Sandy Goldman

The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon



WHEREAS, the hard working members of the Chicago City Council have taken it upon themselves, led by Alderman Joseph Moore (Geese 49th), to become the benefactors of geese around the world - see Forum 49 (can cage-free eggs or veal dishes be far behind—how many votes do geese and chickens and baby cows have?); and


WHEREAS, the concomitant banning of the sale of  foie gras in the City of  Chicago has sent customers and sales tax dollars to Evanston, Lincolnwood and other surrounding suburbs; and


WHEREAS, the same said City Council has excluded development of new Wal-Mart stores (only one exists in Chicago) and jeopardized all future big-box stores by dictating what wages and benefits must be paid to their employees, thus chasing additional future tax dollars and employment opportunities out of the city; and


WHEREAS, in the name of good health the city council has proposed to protect their constituents from the evils of the oils used in French fries and the dangers of canned tuna; and


WHEREAS, Morse Avenue in the 49th Ward continues to be an embarrassing hellhole (June 15, 2006 and other dates); and


WHEREAS, The Howard Street planters continue to be sitting platforms despite the promises of new taller planters made at the SSA meeting May 16th at the Gateway Bar and Grill (see 24/7 North of Howard Watchers Saturday June 10th 2006); and


WHEREAS, THE Wilson Yard Project continues to be mired in conflict; and


WHEREAS, the Gateway Center continues to be a non-destination; and


WHEREAS, the Aldermanic sponsored economic development organizations seem to be, at best, non-economic development with little to show for their direct activity; and


WHEREAS, with the summer just beginning there are reoccurring reports of personal assaults, drug dealing and other crimes; and


WHEREAS, city streets remain similar to tank testing grounds thanks to those infernal speed bumps; and


WHEREAS, prostitution seems to on the rise on the 7300 block of Clark Street (see Morose Hellhole, Friday June 9th and June 16th 2006); and


WHEREAS, the city is inundated with illegal stop signs, erected at the whim of the Aldermen, without proper hearings and documentation; and


WHEREAS, the city council has taken it unto themselves to be the guardians and caretakers of all aspects of citizenship; and


WHEREAS, there are 600 administrative flunkies making more than the 50 aldermanic flunkies (Sun-Times, June 9, 2006); now therefore


Be it resolved, that the Chicago City Council Alderman shall give themselves a $5,000.00 raise in each of the next four years, a total increase of 20% over those four years, a final total salary of $118,125.00.



...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

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