Sandy Goldman is the former columnist and founding editor of RP 2000 (published by the Rogers Park Community Council). Known for his inquisitive, analytical and satirical style, Mr. Goldman is a longtime community activist and a Rogers Park resident since 1958. He is an active member of the Touhy Avenue Block Club and a former President of the Rogers Park Community Council, where he served on the Board of Directors for 30 years until resigning in January of 1998. He is a former member of the 24th District Police Advisory Committee and in the 1970's was a founding member and Vice President of the predecessor Advisory Organization, as well as the now defunct Rogers Park Development Corporation. He is also a statewide representative of the Motorist's Advocacy Association (MAA).

When his children attended Eugene Field Grammar School and Sullivan High school, Goldman served as a scout leader and organized the Sullivan H.S. Parent's Booster Club. He was active with the Leone Park Parents Association and High Ridge YMCA's Pop Warner Football Program.

A successful fundraiser in the 1960's and 70's, Goldman has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by community activities such as carnivals, street fairs, Las Vegas Nights and parades for a variety of Rogers Park institutions and organizations.

Sandy has participated in many political campaigns, as both a volunteer worker and as an advisor. 

Since retiring in 1994, Sandy, along with his wife Carol, has traveled extensively throughout the world.   After each trip he returns to his community with renewed appreciation of Roger Park’s virtues and observations of its limitations.  He has continued his interest in all aspects of life in Rogers Park,  attending meetings, planning sessions and offering work and advice freely.

In her column And By The Way, featured weekly in the Lerner News Star concerning the controversy over Goldman's resignation, Marcella Tardy concluded that " It may be unpleasant, but that's life: freedom of the press belongs to those who own one." "Now," says Goldman, " I own one!"

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