From: To: Subject: Re: Fw: Building Demolition Date: Friday, September 08, 2000 4:02 PM Dear Carol, Thanks for your e-mail. I have been in regular contact with the Park District on this issue. They tell me the following: First, there are no plans to discontinue the Junior Lifeguard Program. Second, there are no plans to demolish the existing building at this time. They are currently evaluating the feasibility of saving the building. Supplies and materials were moved out in case the Park District decides to undertake some rehabilitation work this winter. Third, they have considered moving the Junior Lifeguard Program to the Loyola Park Fieldhouse. I told them that would be unacceptable to the community and me. Loyola Park simply does not have the space or facilities to run a decent program. In my opinion, the Park District should consider only two options: rehabilitate the existing building or tear it down and replace it with a building of equal or greater size. The Park District has assured me they have not made a final decision on any plan to move the lifeguard program to Loyola Park. They have also assured me they would notify me of their decision on the existing building. Obviously, funding is an issue. The Park District is pleading poverty. Both State Senator Carol Ronen and State Representative Harry Osterman are looking to tap into Illinois First money. I also have been talking with the City of Chicago Department of Water. The department actually owns the building (they have been leasing it to the Park District for a dollar a year since the 1950s). Since we're all one big happy City, I've asked if any Water Department funds might be available to rehabilitate the building even though it would be for Park District use. Supporters of the Leone Park programs should prepare for the upcoming Park District budget hearings. That would be an opportune time to make a strong showing of support both for the program and for the idea of a separate facility for Leone Park. I'll pass the word when the hearings are scheduled. Please feel free to forward this message to any interested parties. Thanks for your inquiry. Joe Moore