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    Thoughts at Random (From the mind of a young soldier, stationed in Germany, circa 1956)

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Sandy Goldman writes about events in Rogers Park (an exciting neighborhood on the far north side of Chicago), the country and the world. He is the former opinion columnist and founding editor of RP 2000 (published by the Rogers Park Community Council).  Known for his inquisitive, analytical and satirical style, he provides a thoughtful look at life.  Sandy is longtime community activist and a Rogers Park resident since 1958.

Police, Pulchritude, and Perfect Performance

The Treadmill Time Traveler

The Privilege of Voting in Illinois

The Olympics 2016

Us and The Internet

The Magic Card

A Holiday Long Ago

Another Garden Party

The Greening of Rogers Park

Me and Ricky Nelson

Cupidity and Stupidity

Making History-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

What It Was, Was Lake View High School

For all my Lake View High School classmates and those who would

like to take a peek at what a major Chicago High School once was.

“A Resolution”

"Her Opinion of…And That’s My Opinion"


“My Rogers Park Gift List”

" Say It Ain’t So, Joe"

“Warren Park…What Comes Next?”

A Tale of Two Teenagers

“Low Blow Cripples Leone Jr. Guards (And Other Thoughts)”

 “The Way It Was”

“That’s What Friends Are For!”

“New York!   New York?”

Two Rogers Parkers You Should Know About

There’s a Naked Person In My Bathroom

Miscellany & Melanges & Medleys

The Bells Ring for Those Who Can Hear

(Charlotte Goldberg Citizen of the Year Award -  The Background)

The Alphabet and a Bar of Soap”

“The Greatest Generation”    

Wake Up The Dead (Calvary Cemetery Marina)

Thanks—Or Maybe No Thanks

We’re Still Waiting… the 1945 World Series

“Heigh Ho Come to the Fair”

When The Carnival Came To Town

Requiem For A Restaurant

Six Years and Counting

Moore On The War In Iraq

It was Howard Street – A Helluva Street

"The Morse Avenue Card Players "

"Where Have You Been?"

Mega Mall Monkey and Fire Station II

Phantasmagoria (War and Circuses)

War And Old Men

What Does It Mean....

Spin Doctor For Rogers Park?


The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number – Part V – The Usual Suspects

The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number - Part IV 

The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number - Part III

The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number - Part II

  The Greatest Good for the Greatest Number - The Fire Station on Clark

The 11th Commandment

Rogers Park's Community Curmudgeon

Sleigh Bells Ring – Are You Listening?

  The Corpse of 911

A Cub Fan's View

Some Get It Right - Some Get It Wrong

A Dismal Day At Dominick's (And How It Turned Bright)

Coca Tea or Reality

Learn or Burn!

Civil War in Rogers Park

Phooey! The Couple At The Bar - Continued

The VHI Top 100 - Plus 2 for Rogers Park

Legislators...Aren't We Lucky To Have Them?

Circus! Circus!

It Was My Birthday

Couple At The Bar

The Air Rings With...

A July 4th Bonus

Beyond Rogers Park

Someone to Watch Over Them

The Tortoise and the Hare...

'Twas the Night Before...

Beyond the Blue Horizon...

Bill and Monica And Other Things

The Revenge Of The Video Store Owner

Grandfathers X 2


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